My Private Stylist

Looking Good And Feeling Fantastic Has Never Been So Easy . . .

  • No matter your AGE
  • No matter your WEIGHT
  • No matter your BUDGET
  • No matter your SHAPE
Suffering from a wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear?

Fashion is in a constant state of flux...

Which means finding the right styles to wear can be frustrating and costly. We’ve all been there, right? Whether it’s in your closet or in a dressing room, you try on outfit after outfit in hopes of finding something, which makes you look and feel fantastic.

What a waste of time and energy!

Does Not Need A Perfect Body

It’s achieved by discovering the styles, which bring out the best in your body and personality.

My Private Stylist will teach you:

  • What to wear and which styles flatter your shape.
  • How to create a wardrobe full of garments that you’ll love to wear.
  • How to be the one who walks into a room and gets noticed because you rock that outfit!
  • You can be the one who people gravitate toward. Looking and feeling great makes you stand taller, be more confident and open . . . which acts as a magnet that attracts others to you.
  • You can be the stand-out candidate for a job because you know how to dress to impress – and your talents resonate with your poise and self-assurance.

My Private Stylist Will Change The Way You Look At Yourself And Clothes FOREVER

My Private Stylist is a web-based, visual, personal styling program that is available to you 24/7.

After gathering vital information about your unique body shape, a detailed custom-made program is created for you in moments and covers every aspect of all the styles and accessories that do, and do not suit you, and why.

By knowing exactly what styles will accentuate your positives assets and those that will minimize your challenges you’ll gain a look and confidence that will give you a new outlook on life.

Soon you’ll be receiving compliments as others notice the new you and wonder in awe at the change.

What Do I Get?

  • A Personalized Program Created by Experts

    Your personalized style recommendations are based on over 60 years experience gain from some of the world’s most esteemed image experts.

  • Holistic Results

    Unlike most style programs My Private Stylist is not created based solely on your individual ‘bits’ but on your entire body and how everything interacts together. Only after how a style impacts with your total body are recommendations given.

  • In-depth Details

    From necklines to hemlines, shapes to textures, colours to hairstyles – this is where you learn your style secrets.

  • Dress Sense for Work and Everyday

    Your program doubles its value as you seamlessly switch from everyday wear to profession attire at the click of a button. No matter the occasion, your covered!

  • Savings

    Lot’s and not just in cold hard cash but in your valuable time. The very next time you shop you’ll know what suits. No more guessing, not more trial and error. Gone are the days of impulse buys and regrets over making a purchase because it looked good on the model who’s half your age and weight.

  • Knowledge

    You’ll learn how to coordinate garments and accessories to create a the look you want/need and a winning wardrobe that will get you noticed for all the right reasons.

What Others Are Saying

I see myself and my clothes with new eyes; I shop more effectively and in less time because finally I understand my body and it’s needs. Christine Homans,
I now shop with confidence and wear clothes that make me feel good – my old is self-esteem back! Louise Hampton,


Take the guesswork and frustration out of shopping

Like an on-call stylist My private stylist offers hundreds of style ideas for tops, pants, skirts, dresses, swimsuits, lingerie, accessories, hairstyles, and more! Fresh images are added regularly and unlike a personal stylist your program is accessible 24/7.

A wardrobe filled with inspiration and options starts with learning what suits you and not just falling for the hype of the latest trend or fashion must-have. My Private Stylist makes this easy and its holistic approach and personal instructions ensures you’ll be fully equipped to hit the stores with sound knowledge.

No more conflicting style advice from articles which only take one part of your shape into account or sales people who really just want your money!

Your custom-made style program provides you with recommendations to minimize your figure challenges and MAXIMISE YOUR ASSETS. These suggestions are not just about clothes and accessories, but also include hairstyles, design, fabric and how to wear colour.

How does this work? Simply log in to your online program anywhere, anytime and checkout over 660 full colour fashion photos in 40 categories all created specifically for you. My Private Stylist leaves no stone unturned!

What Are The Benefits?

Look great. In the office, at home or out on the town, with My Private Stylist on your side, you’ll know how to dress to impress in any setting.

Save money. You’ll recognize which garments flatter you. No more throwing away your $$$ on clothes which will never see the light of day.

Save time. You’ll know which colours, patterns, textures, and shapes to seek and which ones to shun.

Enjoy yourself! No more feeling depressed or frumpy in front of a change room mirror ever again! You’ll simply love going shopping again!

Gain Confidence. When you know you’ll look and feel great and this will give you the confidence to relax and get on with the job at hand knowing your image is working for you..

Get Noticed. Your new image will turn heads and attract attention.

Don’t wait to lose weight
Celebrity style is available to you NOW

This program works around you, not the other way around. You can be any body shape, weight or height and it will still provide you with the ideal garment recommendations based on your specific measurements – not the mannequins on the store floor!

Even if you want to shed a few pounds, don’t wait until you reach your goal. You can start dressing to impress NOW as you convert your wardrobe in a winning one.

My Private Stylist includes 2 free updates to use when the time is right. This means if your weight fluctuates with a 5cm (2″) gain or loss on any part of your body, you can update your program at no cost.

660+ full colour fashion photos in 40 categories

My Private Stylist reveals the most flattering styles for your:

  • Garment shapes
  • Top and jacket lengths
  • Skirt, dress, coat & pant lengths
  • Collars and necklines
  • Sleeve heads, styles, cuffs and lengths
  • Boot and shoe styles
  • Lingerie & swimwear
  • Accessory scale and styles

It Doesn’t Stop There.

But Wait There’s Even More…

  • How to co-ordinate your wardrobe
  • Which garment colour contrasts give you the best proportions – and which to avoid
  • Fabric textures to choose and avoid
  • How to select and wear patterns

Why This Program Is So Good

After over twenty five years of working as an internationally recognized image consultant and running IMAGE INNOVATORS (the largest image resource and training company in the southern hemisphere), My Private Stylist founder Ann Reinten realized that many women couldn’t access personal styling advice either because of their location or the fees involved in hiring an professional image consultant or stylist.

As an insider, Ann also knew that only experienced image consultants were sufficiently educated and skilled to accurately assess a client and teach her how to understand and shop for her body shape and improve her appearance and confidence.

Then It Hit Her!

Ann made a decision that would not only change her life forever but the lives of thousands of women around the world.

She jumped at the opportunity to pour her years of experience into an online program. By inputting a person’s physical characteristics into the software, it would create a comprehensive guide which gave ACCURATE RECOMMENDATIONS of the clothing styles that bested suit their proportions based on their body shape. In other words, a simple online program could offer millions of women the chance to look and feel their absolute best.

When the program was first created, it was used and vetted by several of the world’s top image consultants to ensure its accuracy.

From 1996 until recently, My Private Stylist was solely available to image consultants and has been used in over 29 countries. Now, this remarkable program can be assessed by anyone, anywhere – including you!

Imagine having your very own personal shopper but without the price tag!

FINALLY, you can free yourself from the anxiety and frustration of unsuccessful shopping and not looking your absolute best. With My Private Stylist, you’ll find yourself on the path to discovering the confident and attractive woman that you deserve to be.

In just a few short minutes, you can be using your very own custom-made online style program with INSTANT ACCESS to hundreds of style recommendations and outfit possibilities tailored specifically for your body, age, and lifestyle.

More Of What Others Are Saying

Coupled with the Style Guide it has opened up a whole new world when it comes to shopping. Alexandra Fairey,
I’m excited now to go shopping. Ooh this means more clothes, shoes and accessories for me! Karin Dalton-Smith,

You’re just minutes away from taking the guesswork out of looking great!

Here’s An Irresistible Offer . . .

Get Your Copy of Timeless Style Valued at $39.95 FREE With Your Purchase of My Private Stylist – Limited Time Only!

When you register with My Private Stylist today, you will also receive a very special bonus gift to put you on the fast track to styling success . . .

From your Timeless Style ebook you’ll learn:

  • The Secret to True Beauty
  • How to Melt Away Kilos in Minutes
  • The Most Important Elements of Style
  • Dressing For the Occasion
  • Communicating with Colour
  • Buying a New Suit
  • Shoes: Teaming Comfort and Quality with Style
  • Inexpensive Does Not Mean Cheap
  • 10 Essential Shopping Strategies
  • 15 Ways to Wear a White Shirt
  • This Goes With That

This e-book will give you an insight like no other into the world of looking and feeling great so you command the respect you deserve.


The Woman In The Mirror

As women often we can be embarrassed by our bodies and our perceptions of how we really look can get skewed. Being honest and accurate when filling in your body profile is vital in order to get an accurate style program and that’s why My Private Stylist offers an optional (but highly recommended) professional photo assessment when you sign up!

For only $25 extra you can upload specific photos of yourself and an experienced image consultant will create your profile and program for you. That’s right – a professional Image Consultant will do the work for you!

For a fraction of the price you’d pay to see an image consultant face to face you’ll get a program that will teach you everything you need to know especially when combined with our STYLED for LIFE weekly teaching features and great extras like What’s Your Personal Style Profile.

So, what’s stopping you? You can even use your program on your smart phone or tablet while shopping.

My Private Stylist is waiting to transform your wardrobe and your life.

Great Style
Is Not About Spending Heaps of Money

So, what’s the investment?

It has to be expensive, right?


My Private Stylist was created to be affordable. We could easily charge hundreds of dollars for this comprehensive, tailored program because of the unique way it provides solutions to your styling dilemmas. But we’re not going to.


Because it’s our goal to make great styling advice available to everyone – including you!

My Private Stylist is valued at $197.00. However, for a limited time you can order it for £GBP 49.00 AND also receive Timeless Style (a $39.95 value) for FREE as a bonus!

That’s $239.95 worth of value for ONLY £GBP 49.00*

You can easily pay that much for one article of clothing. Think of it as an investment in a more usable wardrobe and a more vibrant you!

My Private Stylist takes you from frump to fab even if you’re on a tight budget because you know you’re wearing the right clothes.

*£GBP 74 If you purchase the optional professional photo assessment

Don’t take our word for it listen to theirs.

It’s like reading a current fashion magazine that has been tailored to you….. from top to toe. Linda Newby,
I am more confident when I go shopping, it eliminates so much time in a squishy change room. Catherine Withers,